Hannah Montana
Please see the
"Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana"
Band Name: Premier Ciel
Tribute to: Harmonium
Year Established: 2002
Based: Montréal, Québec
Play Area: Canada
Contact: Productions CR - Gilles Rouleau
Phone: (514) 766-4247
Website: www.productionscr.com
Email: info@productionscr.com
Heaven & Hell
Please see the
"Ronnie James Dio"
Hilary Duff
Band Name: Stuff
Tribute to: Hilary Duff
Year Established: 2004
Based: Mississauga, Ontario
Play Area: International
Contact: Booking House - Andy Lapointe
Phone: (905) 755-1927 ext. 221
Email: andylapointe@bookinghouse.com
Website: www.bookinghouse.com